Maintaning high productivity outside the offi ce was always our challenge. We needed the offi ce IT ‘perimeter’ to extend to our onthe-road team. The solution dawned on us and StratusX was created. Headquartered in NYC with our R&D in Tel Aviv, we’re a collection of passionate cell phone geeks, orthogonal thinkers and obsessive engineers who always fi nd a better way to get things done. Our solutions cover Enterprise WFH, Education & Virtual Classrooms and International Business Travel

Your Remote Workers
Securely managed. Globally connected


The workplace environment has changed forever. Most companies will operate indefi nitely, with many of their employees working from home. StratusX provides the solution to enable every employee to securely connect to the company network, from anywhere in the world, while enabling the IT team to manage their connectivity


Your IT team needs support to regain control over your remote employees’ connectivity. 3rd party ISPs, unconfigured gateways, vulnerable & varied routers, and unauthorized shared access, all lead to decreased productivity and chaos for your IT team. With StratusX’s cloud management system, centrally control your employees’ connectivity, wherever they go.
Home gateways and routers are unmanaged, unpatched, shared with others and notoriously vulnerable. StratusX combines a 4G WiFi mobile hotspot, a router, a fi rewall and a variable MFA in one low profi le. StratusX verifi es and authorizes everyone who attempts to access your corporate network, before enabling their connection.
A personal, independent, on-demand connection to the Internet and to the company network for all authorized devices. Lightweight and portable, it ensures total separation from your employees’ vulnerable home networks. StratusX is your very own personal gateway in a box.
StratusX’s vSIM™ technology solves the operational complexities of deploying large scale global cellular service for enterprises. The StratusX platform automates the manual processes inherent in legacy provisioning and management by dynamically and automatically reprogramming the SIM card remotely, in real-time.
Tailor every aspect to perfectly mirror your organization’s needs and threats. Confi gure, monitor and control all devices, all connectivity, manage all parameters, and dynamically adjust service levels from a central console, in real time. Employee connectivity on your terms.