Dark Web Scanner

Dark Web Scanner Process

DW Scan’s proprietary software provides instant breach management alerts and updates for our clients around the clock. Our software scours the dark web to see if any of your personal information, emails, passwords, or phone number(s) has been leaked and is being sold to hackers.

Our scanning software will send out an alert about the breach and leaked information and help you patch things up to stay safe & secure.

What can you do with Dark Web Scanner?

Dark Web Scanner can benefit individuals and businesses alike. This tool provides monitoring for key online reputation values that allow you to stay ahead of potential risks. Here are a few:

What is Dark Web Scanner?

Our proprietary software monitors all of the Dark Web for your personal information and can alert you immediately to any potential fraudulant activity by hackers and other cyber criminals.

Track Your Financial Credentials

Dark Web Scanner can also alert you to any critical financial information that is exposed on various Dark Web forums and websites.

Why is Dark Web Scanning Important?

The Dark Web is filled with cyber criminals who are constantly gathering innocent people’s personal information and trading it to other criminals on the Dark Web where they use it to commit fraud.

What Next?

Contact DW Scanner today and let us help you protect your valuable personal and/or business information from Dark Web Criminals.


Included FREE of charge for clients.
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