Apple Business Manager

Staying mobile is critical for your business. That’s why you need a device deployment program that integrates with your existing mobile device management solution to help you maintain security, manage deployments and promote productivity.



Improves security by loading enterprise controls, applications, and configurations the first time the device is activated

Reduces time and cost for users and IT

No need to manually enroll and configure devices. Enrollment and configuration is automated for your corporate devices today and in the future.

Easy setup

Streamlines setup and deployment of corporate-owned devices – IT can deploy devices in bulk without having to manually configure each one.


Apple Business Manager

Apple Business Manager lets you include automatic device enrollment in your mobile device management (MDM) solution. Apple Business Manager is accessible on the web, and is designed for technology managers and IT administrators.

Apple Business Manager

How to enroll

Purchase or deploy a supported MDM solution.*

Enroll in Apple Business Manager,

Configure MDM network and device software security settings.

Assign individual MDM user profiles for employees.

Purchase an Apple device from Mobilen, and Mobilen will notify Apple to enroll the new device in Apple Business Manager.

Power on the device for the first time, and it will check in with Apple; if enrolled in DEP, Apple will hand off control of the device to the MDM, which will load customer-specified configurations, applications and settings.

The end-user receives a fully configured, IT-managed device right out of the box.

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