Help Control Mobile Data on cellular and Wi-Fi

Help secure mobile devices and data by actively blocking access to compromised websites, applications and malicious content.

It is not enough to think about managing and securing the data held on your servers or in the cloud services. What about your mobile devices and the data on them? AccessMyLAN is a cloud based private APN solution that is easy to deploy and works for any SIM enabled device (smartphone, laptop, tablet, Mi-Fi, USB dongle etc.). It continually protects users by filtering out malicious content and other online threats at source. Its threat prevention capability is underpinned by a realtime categorization engine that is continually updated based on ongoing active web analysis and other threat intelligence feeds. It provides complete visibility of your

Mobile device estate and offers businesses powerful remediation capabilities through its cloud based portal.

No setup costs

No hardware /software investment required

Support services are included

No contract

Flexible – Scale up for new employees or cancel the service if someone leaves

accessmylan details overview

Protection from the network layer up

AccessMyLAN leverages unique network layer-based controls to offer business a powerful set of mobile security features that complement existing EMM and MDM solutions. The advanced network and device monitoring features ensure that access to data content is controlled and corporate usage policies are enforced right down to the SIM. The SIM is tamperproof, so even if employees swap the SIM to a different device, policies cannot be by-passed.

AccessMyLAN offers a range of additional security features such as the assignment of private static IP addresses to individual devices which allows business to isolate any compromised devices and restrict connectivity to and from these devices on the network. Zero Day Protection with the blocking of untrusted domains and uncategorized traffic and Wi-Fi Protection with the ability to extend policy enforcement from cellular to Wi-Fi.

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