About Mobilen

Mobilen is a wireless service provider that provides business and enterprise customers with the highest security and protection against SIM swapping, hijacking, or port-outs. We have over 20 years of telecom experience and understand your business’s security challenges.

Is Your Phone Susceptible To Sim Swaps?


We are a group of telecom experts who understand the importance of safety and security of your mobile number. Protecting your account while delivering the highest level of global service is our number one priority.


At Mobilen, our mission is to be the leading privacy-focused wireless service provider in the industry. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest level of secure data in transit and to bring privacy back to a mobile world. We are committed to constantly innovating and implementing the latest technologies, such as 5G post quantum cryptography, to ensure that our network is not only fast and reliable, but also safe and secure. We strive to be the first choice for governments and businesses who prioritize privacy and security in their mobile communications.


Fully decentralized


End to end encryption


Full randomization


Post quantum cryptology (NIST-NSA Compliant)


Network redundant